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10 Week Challenge – Newcomers

Welcome to the 10 Week Challenge

Congratulations on starting your journey to a healthier you! It’s time to take control of your health and weight. And what better way to do it but with the support of a behavioural nutritionist, weight loss mentor and an awesome group of people who are just like you. Our nutritional lifestyle program focuses on food plus lifestyle factors to get you amazing health results!

10 Week Challenge – Plant-Based

Welcome to the 10 Week Challenge – Plant-Based

This new challenge offers a plant-based meal plan for participants who are choosing to avoid eating animal meat. Our behavioural nutritionist Sara has designed the meal plan to optimise good health for a vegetarian lifestyle. Please note this is not a vegan meal plan. Eggs are an essential part of the meals. Please note, you are part of the same group as the other 10 Week Challengers, your meal plans are just meat free!


10 Week Challenge – Repeaters

Wish to repeat the 10 Week Challenge?

Lots of our participants like to repeat the challenge so they can cement in their new healthy habits and continue to get that essential daily support. Repeat Challengers also get a new 10 week meal plan with over 40 new recipes! Including chicken satay, paleo wraps, sweet and sour pork, stuffed peppers, pork ribs, curried sausages, thai beef salad and pesto!

Repeaters of the 10 Week Challenge will work more closely with Weight Loss Mentor, Elora. They will also complete a new repeat assessment form with Elora and note any changes in health.

If you are repeating the challenge and wish to do the plant-based meal plans, please pay as a repeater but register for the plant-based program in the 10 Week Online. Please note, there is only one meal plan for plant-based and no new repeater meal plan.

10 Week Challenge – Lifestyle Repeaters

If you have done the 10 Week Challenge twice before and wish to keep the support and accountability going – this membership is for you. At less than $8 a week, you can stay on track with other like-minded participants!

Please note, the reduced cost reflects that there is no new meal plans or nutrition assessment provided. You do still have online and email support from Elora and Sara as needed, as well as access to the exclusive members-only Support Group! This program is only for those who have completed the 10 Week Challenge twice before and does not apply to first time plant-based repeaters.